Pictures of My Hero

I am a belieber.
Justin Bieber is my life.
He teached me to Never Say Never.
#SOMEDAY my dreams will come true.



nicki performing anaconda. taylor swift having all females playing the instruments during her performance. fifth harmony being the first girl group in YEARS to win a VMA. beyonce basically PREACHING feminism to the crowd. thank you God

plus lorde, a 17 year old girl, winning in a category made entirely of adult men

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there are millions of women world wide who are denied education and reproductive health care and legislative agency on the basis of their womanhood, and yet there are still white women with the audacity to say that feminism is unnecessary because ‘they have all the rights they need’

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Stop saying sorry. Say thank you instead. When you say, “sorry for being a jerk” the other person is forced to either call you a jerk or say it wasnt a big deal. Instead, say “thank you for being so being so patient with me” so the other person has a reason to say they love you.

—I saw this gem on Reddit tonight.  It was posted under a topic of “What ‘little’ things you can do to improve your relationship with your significant other.”  I’m definitely taking this piece of advice with me into my next relationship.   (via brittanyjoyal)

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The fact that the majority of teenagers would rather listen to Justin Bieber or Taylor Momsen over Jimi Hendrix or Pink Floyd makes me want to fucking kill myself. Literally.

up next on MTV’s “White Girl Problems”: special snowflake and part-time tumblr user felicefawn is literally contemplating suicide over people having different music taste than her and thinks she is better than everybody else because she kinda sorta knows who jimi hendrix and pink floyd are

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